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AwardsCheck FAQs

You have questions. We have answers.

What is AwardsCheck?

AwardsCheck is an intensive 30-minute consulting session designed to optimize your awards entries. We're another layer of expertise to make your entries more powerful, clear and competitive.


Who can use AwardsCheck?

AwardsCheck is for any person or company in the advertising, marketing, brand and creativity industries involved with work/creativity, people-centric awards and more.


What does AwardsCheck cover?

AwardsCheck goes through every aspect of your awards entry to ensure that it is optimized before you send it. The process covers the following:


  • Effective overall storytelling for your work and people

  • Strong points of view and logic to stand out

  • The most relevant information for judges and juries

  • Asset analysis

  • Category consultation

  • Anything else that makes your entry more competitive


During your 30-minute AwardsCheck session, we'll work to find additional opportunities for other awards and honors.


What is the process?

AwardsCheck takes away the friction in the process. You simply send in your awards entry (including assets) and then set up a time for your 30-minute session. After that, we'll send you an agreement, and we're off and running.


How long does AwardsCheck take?

AwardsCheck is fast by design. Sessions are an intensive 30 minutes. AwardsCheck ensures you have the best chance to stand out to judges and juries. 


How do we get information from our session?

All sessions are done via Google Meet and recorded. You receive the recording and a transcript of the session.


Who is behind AwardsCheck?

AwardsCheck's creator is Doug Zanger. With 30 years of industry experience, he spent most of his career in media and content development. He was the Americas editor at The Drum and agencies/creativity editor at Adweek—and retains strong relationships with marketing trade media. He mainly covered creativity, agencies, brands, marketing and industry news and issues.


Doug also worked at some of the best agencies in the business. He was involved in many successful work, company and people wins—including Adweek’s Agency of the Year, Ad Age's A-List, Campaign's Power of Purpose, Cannes Lions, One Show and more. Additionally, Doug has served on several awards juries, some as the jury president. 


Why was AwardsCheck created?

Doug loves teaching. He noticed that the awards process can be a real slog. An outsider's point-of-view—while being an industry insider—can help move the process along, help unearth opportunities to tell better stories and teach teams how to effectively approach their awards programs. 


How much does AwardsCheck cost?

There are three ways to approach using AwardsCheck: 1) one-time at $250, 2) a package of three for $675 or 3) a package of six for $1,250.

Do you write/re-write the awards entries?

We don't. AwardsCheck is designed to check your existing awards entries and give suggestions, including edits. If you'd like to discuss other consulting services, please contact us here. If you're looking for people who can help you from scratch, we are happy to refer you to some of the industry's best professionals. 

Do you give recommendations on what shows/programs we should enter?

Part of the process is understanding what your agency/company/people hope to get from an awards program. While working on your entries, we will give you additional insight into where work/people may be competitive in other awards programs. 


Will you upload our entries?

We will not upload entries on your behalf. If you'd like to explore consulting services that include this service, please get in touch with us here. We can also refer you to exceptional professionals who are great at pitching. 


Does AwardsCheck replace my internal efforts?

Not at all. AwardsCheck is another layer of expertise to help you with your entries and build your team's skills and confidence to improve your craft. We aim to help you so much that you'll no longer need us. 


Do you keep all of our information private/confidential?

Absolutely. Everything that we work on is between us and never shared.

If you have other questions not listed here, please set up some time below or email us.

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