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AngleCheck FAQs

You have questions. We have answers.

What is AngleCheck?

AngleCheck is an intensive 30-minute consulting session designed to optimize your pitches to media. We're another layer of expertise to make your pitches more competitive. 


Who can use AngleCheck?

AngleCheck is for any person or company in the advertising, marketing, brand and creativity industries pitching work/campaigns, story ideas, thought leadership and more.


What does AngleCheck cover?

AngleCheck goes through every aspect of your pitch to ensure that it is optimized before you send it. The process covers the following:

  • Effective subject line, headline and sub-headline options

  • Ledes

  • Logic/story flow

  • Inclusiveness in laguange

  • The most relevant information for journalists

  • Asset optimization

  • Anything else that makes your pitch more competitive

Additionally, we work with you to find alternate/hidden storylines and opportunities for future pitches and content development. 


What is the process?

AngleCheck avoids friction in the process. You simply send in your pitch (i.e., press release, pitch copy, work, assets) and then set up a time for your 30-minute session. After that, we'll send you an agreement, and we're off and running.


How long does AngleCheck take?

AngleCheck is fast by design. Sessions are an intensive 30 minutes. AngleCheck ensures you have the best chance to stand out to journalists and editors. 


How do we get information from our session?

All sessions are done via Google Meet and recorded. You receive the recording and a transcript of the session.


Who is behind AngleCheck?

AngleCheck's creator is Doug Zanger. With 30 years of industry experience, he spent most of his career in media and content development. He was the Americas editor at The Drum and agencies/creativity editor at Adweek—and retains strong relationships with marketing trade media. He mainly covered creativity, agencies, brands, marketing and industry news and issues. Doug also worked at some of the best agencies in the business.


Why was AngleCheck created?

Doug loves teaching. He noticed that PR and communications professionals sometimes struggled with pitching. He often took the time to counsel PR pros to help them improve their processes and give them the confidence and tools to succeed. His approach always comes from the point-of-view of the journalist/editor. 


How much does AngleCheck cost?

There are three ways to approach using AngleCheck: 1) one-time at $225, 2) a package of three for $600 or 3) an annual package with one session per month at $2,100 (which saves you $600 from the single, one-time rate).

Do you write/re-write the press releases and pitches?

We don't. AngleCheck is designed to check your existing pitches/press releases/etc. If you'd like to discuss other consulting services, please contact us here. If you're looking for PR/comms services, we are happy to refer to you some of the industry's best professionals. 

Do you give recommendations on where we should pitch?

Part of the process is understanding where you want to pitch and why. We can make suggestions and give you advice on your strategy but, ultimately, our goal is for you to develop rewarding and fruitful relationships with journalists and editors.


Will you pitch for us?

We will not pitch on your behalf. If you'd like to explore consulting services that include pitching, please get in touch with us here.  We can also refer you to exceptional professionals who are great at pitching. 


Can we use AngleCheck for awards entries?

AngleCheck is not a product for awards entries. If you'd like to talk about awards, don't hesitate to contact us here.


Can we use AngleCheck for thought leadership pitches/stories?

Sure. But please note that AngleCheck is for single, individual thought leadership pitches. If you are interested in exploring thought leadership strategies, please send us a message here. We can also refer you to others who do an outstanding job in the thought leadership space. 


Does AngleCheck replace my PR/Comms efforts?

Not at all. The point of AngleCheck is to be another layer of expertise to help you with pitches and build your team's skills and confidence to become better at your craft. We aim to help you so much that you'll no longer need us. 


Do you keep all of our information private/confidential?

Absolutely. Everything that we work on is between us and never shared.

If you have other questions not listed here, please set up some time below or email us.

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